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From China to Queens College
May 10, 2012, 7:22 pm
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In this post I want to talk about an experience I had recently with someone who is an immigrant in this country. There is a guy in my math class name Han who came fromChinarecently because he wanted to become a teacher. He told me that he had finished school inChinaand that he played basketball but decided to come here for a better future. He proceeded to tell me that he never thought it would be so difficult to learn English and that he was having such a hard time because inChinahe never felt the need to learn English since he wasn’t going anywhere. That day in class we were doing presentations and he was so nervous because 1. he had never done a presentation before and 2. his English wasn’t so good and he wanted me to help him go over what he had written to make sure it was ok. I couldn’t help but to feel bad for him, being in school for him is 3 times harder then it is for someone who is fluent in English. As I was sitting there correcting his speech I would glance up and see that he had to use his translator a lot to see how to say some words. Listening to him talk about how well he was doing in school in China and how it was here was a little heart breaking but inspiring because he is thriving to be able to one day go back to China and teach English to students so they can be more prepared then he was.

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