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“Hunger of Memory: Aria” (a PIE minus the P)
May 17, 2012, 2:06 am
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Matching the silence I started hearing in public was a new quiet at home. The family’s quiet was partly due to the fact that, as we children learned more and more English, we shared fewer and fewer words with our parents. Sentences needed to be spoken slowly when a child addressed his mother or father. (Often the parent wouldn’t understand.) The child would need to repeat himself. (Still the parent misunderstood.) The young voice, frustrated would end up saying, ‘never mind’—the subject was closed (1582).

This is one of the cons from the discussion we had in class. Students said that because of assimilation and learning a new language, things would get out of hand between children and parents, and no longer will parents we respected. In Tanya Golash-Boza article she mentions that “[she] would suggest that this is an exaggeration and that some Latinos/as can and do become (or remain) white in the United States”, and by what is going on with Richard and his family I agree with her 100%. It took Richard a long time to realize that yes he was of Mexican descent but he is an American citizen. He might off the bat felt like he was white in the United States but when he started getting older he started to embrace it. For him becoming “American” meant that no longer was the outside world something alien to him and he no longer felt like being home was a safe haven for him, he actually now felt like home was not what it used to be after he embraced his American side. I think that becoming “American” to some might mean changing who they are completely and not a lot of people understand that you can assimilate into the U.S. mainstream without giving up their upbringing, and like Tanya Golash-Boza states a lot of times even though you assimilate to the best of your ability you’ll still be seen as a foreigner by the “white American” society. It might make some re-evaluate what matters most to some people, and come up with a plan to exercise both cultures and ideologies.

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