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Ignorance on Facebook
May 17, 2012, 2:49 am
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I am really sad to say that is was said by one of my friends on Facebook. This is what you call judging a book by its cover and just being stereotypical. First of how does he even know that this person is an “immigrant” it could have well been a Hispanic American person that he was talking about but he used the way the woman looked to judge her and assume otherwise. Second of all I don’t think that immigrants here get a “free ride”, I’ve never heard of an “immigrant” coming to the United States and not working and getting anything they want. Granted they might get health insurance for their children and an education for them but that’s nothing compared to what they have to through here in the U.S., they work for less than minimum wage, no health insurance or benefits, and they have to send some of the little money they make to their family in their country. Lastly he might thing that he’s doing something to lessen the amount of immigrants in the United States by saying they should get a visa and get a job within 30 days or else they’d get deported not knowing that it is the best thing that can happen to them because any job is better than no job and they won’t mind getting a little dirty to earn some money.

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