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May 21, 2012, 4:44 pm
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Assimilation to the U.S. mainstream has been something that every immigrant has had to go through at one point in their lives, and there are still some people that go through this even after years of coming to the United States. Every immigrant that comes here has many ideas of what they think the American dream is.  Some  people said that the American Dream was working your way up from the bottom and at the top there is a house and family and others said that it starts from not having anything, working hard and later on achieving what you want. Well my idea of the American Dream is sort of like theirs but I think it’s more than that, for many immigrants in my opinion and from what I have seen come here with nothing and being nobody (undocumented) in this country. Their dream is to be an “American” meaning being a somebody in this country (documented), and later on acquiring the rest, house, family, and just moving forward from their past.

In the process of achieving the American Dream an immigrant specifically Latino immigrants also needs to find a way to assimilate well enough to fit in to the U.S. mainstream. Having a house and being able to provide for your family is a great way to begin the process but then you have to make sure you learn the language and the culture in which you live in. This might be hard for any Latino immigrant to accomplish because having to put aside their language and customs to learn a new one is difficult. For some of the older Latino immigrants’ assimilation might be very difficult because it is not as simple to learn something new especially a new language let alone the culture since they have been use to one thing for so long. Younger immigrants especially those that are here at a young age won’t have so much difficulty because they are still young enough to mold. In this article I will demonstrate the struggles that Latino immigrants encounter when learning how to assimilate into the U.S. Mainstream.

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