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May 23, 2012, 7:04 pm
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Assimilation will forever be a
part of an immigrants experience and there is no way around it. Scott J. South,
Kyle Crowder, and Erick Chavez and Tanya Golash-Boza both had similar ideas in
their article that all basically narrowed down to being able to adapt to your
surroundings so that you could be able to fit into mainstream America. We also
learned that during the processes one of the most important things to do is to
learn English. Once one learns English a lot of opportunities will open up that
will lead them to achieve the American Dream. We learned that assimilation is a
hard process because growing up raised believing one thing and then growing up
and moving to have to change those things you learned when you were younger isn’t
easy. That is why both articles say that a lot of times people give up on
assimilation and settle in some place where they don’t have to, and live their
lives in a little bubble.

Both Julia
Alvarez and Richard Rodriquez had to learn this the hard way coming from a
family where the household language was Spanish and growing up wasn’t easy for
them. Both their parents wanted the best for them here in the United States and
we saw that in Richard Rodriquez autobiography when he told us that his parents
chose to move to a neighborhood surrounded by “gringos” instead of going to the
other side of town which was full of Latinos. They even tried to speak English
knowing that they might have not been saying the things the right way but were
getting the point across. With Julia Alvarez’s narrative it wasn’t really their
choice to come to the United States but they did and their parents tried to
make the best of it, especially their mother when talking to them in English
and trying to make the best of any and every situation they were in. In
conclusion we can see that as long as you are in it all the way, there is
nothing that can stop you from becoming an American.

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