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May 23, 2012, 6:03 pm
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Fluency in English ostensibly enables Latinos to take full advantage of the amenities
and resources that are available in predominantly Anglo neighborhoods and may
also reduce discriminatory barriers to their entry into such communities.
Conversely, a limited ability to speak the language of the dominant group
likely relegates members of an ethnic minority to the residential enclave composed
of co-ethnics, where everyday exchanges can be carried out in their native
tongue. Accordingly, we hypothesized that English-language proficiency is
positively associated with the proportion of the population that is Anglo in
Latino movers’ neighborhood of destination (499).


In this article they explain to us why it is important for immigrants to learn
English. They mention that “fluency in English ostensibly enables Latinos to
take full advantage of the amenities and resources”, this is true because a lot
of the hospitals and government agencies mostly offer services in English
although they now have translators because of the high demand of them. With my
experience working for the court system it is a lot harder to get things done
when you don’t speak English. The process that can take about 5 minutes to an
English speaking person takes a non-English speaking person 3 times longer
because a lot of times there isn’t a translator around. Scott J. South, Kyle
Crowder, and Erick Chavez also say that because a lot of times because these
immigrants do not speak the language they incline to move to a neighborhood
where they can live around other people from their ethnic background and so
that they don’t have to struggle to do their everyday routine. Overall they
believe that at the end of the day if Latinos move where the dominant language
is English they’ll be able to learn the language quicker. I think that this is
true because they are forced to learn the language and even with their children
it would be a positive experience when they go to school because they can learn
the language.

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