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May 23, 2012, 6:04 pm
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I really enjoyed English 255 with Professor Alvarez. In this class I was able to learn things in regards to writing papers that I didn’t know before like the way to write the heading for a paper how it’s date, month, and year and also the hyphenated title for a paper. I have been in college for about 4 plus years almost a college grad and it is crazy how I never learned that before. I appreciate learning about how to write a PIE paragraph, I have been able to use this technique in other classes and I find it easier to write a paper.

One thing that I didn’t like about this class was that the professor spent too much time explaining things to people about how to fix their blog or something that had to do with an assignment when it could have been done after class on one on one basis. I think it took away a lot of time from class readings and discussions because of that and we missed out on readings.

Other than that I really enjoyed this class a lot and the readings were VERY interesting and fun. I like the professors’ use of QWriting because it made things interesting and it gave us creative writing time, it was a great way to express our thoughts and feelings towards certain things. It is really great to be taught by a professor that is into what they are doing and Professor Alvarez is one of those professors. I took a lot away from this class and I am glad I took it.

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